I just wanna be paid to write

I have been having issues in regards to creating. I barely feel that writing excitement anymore– especially with the story I have been working on since like 2014. I love her but I have been working on her so much that I’ve started to get detached from the story. I have been trying to get into other projects to hopefully get me back into the flow of creating and getting back into that place of joy with my writing.

There was a point where I saw a story in everything I do and now I feel like that well is dry. I think it’s because I feel like I have been stuck– blocked for so long. Moving forward feelings kind of impossible but I am branching out.

I am planning a lot of fun things in the coming months, things I really enjoy and I am hoping it gets me back into a good flow state.

All that said, I am currently reading this book. Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter and one character is a writer and gets paid to freaking write. Do you know how amazing that sounds? to just write and make enough money to live off of writing. what a freaking dream!! I honestly WISH that was me. I am definitely going to be working towards that. It’s my goal and I sort of forget until I read a book or follow someone and remember that the job of my dream actually exists and I can actually achieve it.

I just have to get back into that flow again. I started writing fics (people have been loving them!!) I have also been trying to think about fun little story ideas to keep me going. I’ve even started rewatching my favorite shows. I feel so blocked and I wish I had a sure fire way to get me creating in the way I used to. I miss having all of these amazing worlds and characters at my fingertips.

Maybe I’ll share some small stories here and there if I write them.

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