my favorite writing resources 

I am not a taught writer and so sometimes i feel like i’m lacking. I wonder if i’m writing a scene using the right amount of emotion or care and so i spend a stupid amount of time devouring resources to give me a better

One stop for writers is an amazing resource because it gives you information on emotions and settings. it describes the ways your characters would react in certain circumstances. it is by far my favorite writing resource

(i plan on doing a give. away soon for this subscription)

Toni Adeyemi created a site with so many awesome writing resources, i highly recommend checking this site out. the MBTI method that she has as well as writing worksheets has helped me in the past and she does offer writing programs if you can afford the service.

masterclass! i applied for masterclass back in May to listen to N.K Jemisin. I am so obsessed with her work and I was so excited that she had her own masterclass and i immediately watched the whole way through. There are amazing creatives there and i think it’s a really great resource.

last but definitely not least, please go on social media, where you can connect with other creatives and get some awesome advice there or follow awesome tags or creatives that give phenomenal advice on how to write the best novel possible

here is the collection of writing prompts that i created

The ‘Am I A Lesbian?’ Masterdoc is amazing.

Back in 2018, I often found myself swooning over garbage men and pretending like their horrible behavior was amazing. Though I identified as bisexual, I was still too afraid to date women.

I mean, I still am.

Approaching or asking out a woman or non-binary person feel scarier than asking out a man.

I used to tie my worth to whether or not a man liked me (trust me, admitting it now is kind of embarrassing.) I basked in male attention, even when it was toxic and horrible and all of my best friends reminded me over and over how trash and horrible these dudes were, I found myself so in love with my imagined version of them.

It took until I was incredibly hung over and some boring and annoying gemini came over and I ended up sitting in my own bed with a migraine, rubbing this man’s back (trust, you don’t want to know why) and arguing with him about a marvel movie he didn’t even see that I realized that I didn’t like this life for me.

I didn’t like jumping from guy to guy and having each experience be excruciating. Every time I had any kind of relationship with a man, it was always disappointing. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

So I decided I would just take time away from dating as a whole. I was too afraid to ask date a woman/nb and men were just boring so I decided I wouldn’t date or be intimate with anyone else we had a genuine connection and I actually felt appreciated in the relationship.

Within the first month or two, I found myself staying up at night and looking up “wlw, sapphic, wlw art, sapphic art, wlwoc, sapphics of color etc.” I was devouring queer content like no tomorrow soon after I decided to stop being with men. I watched every gay tv show/movie, I kept looking up more and more info to educate myself. It wasn’t like I wasn’t gay before because I very much was. I just allowed myself to fully explore a new part of myself and I freaking LOVED it!

It was late one of those nights where I found the Lesbian MasterDoc. At that point, I found myself being super grossed out by men and the idea of being in any kind of relationship with a men grossed me out. I’d try and imagine the perfect man in my head and even that made me wonder if it was worth it.

I read the Lesbian MasterDoc around the time I started dating again, late 2019. I went on a date with this guy who I thought was amazing. We had so much in common and I was excited for the date. We met up and went to my favorite vegan restaurant and he was super open minded and didn’t overly sexualize me when I told him I was bi(when I came out to my male best friend back in high school, his immediate response was, “that’s hot”).

By the end of our dinner, he said a friend of his was DJing at a party and I was so excited, I decided to go.

I should also mention that before this date, I’d already told my friends that I didn’t really see myself with a man but if I did, id have to have an open relationship so that I can still date women/nbs. When I thought of being in a long term relationship with a man and never being with anyone else but him was a bit much. One of my friends very gently asked me if I could possibly be a lesbian and I was a bit shocked by her statement because I didn’t once think of identifying as a lesbian. Lesbians seemed like a word occupied by skinny white women and I am a thick black woman. Identifying as a lesbian felt so strange so when she asked me that I was taken aback.

Back to that party, we arrived and sat at the bar. I was excited because they had mulled wine and mulled wine is my FAVORITE! He paid for everything which was nice. After maybe one and a half drinks, he was staring at me. He just kept staring at me and fucking smiling. That smile haunts me. It was such a creepy smile. He would smile and then stop and then smile and then stop and then try and talk to me over the loud ass music and at one point, he had the audacity to say that I looked like I wanted to kiss him. I was so confused because I was sitting these playing a drinking game with the amount of time he smiled at me and while my grain screamed at me questioning if I was a lesbian.

A friend of mine from my middle school days happened to work there and showed up for his shift. I was praying that he would see just how uncomfortable I was and get me out of there but no, he just assumed I was on a hot date with a Capricorn man (me and this other guy in middle school was like the Beyonce and Jay-Z– no cheating of our grade. I know I am being over dramatic but just let me feel like Beyonce for one.. okay? My little Jay-Z was a Capricorn and some people from middle school make jokes as if we will still end up together now… we don’t even talk. I think they just ask me these dumb ass questions… anyways!)

I chugged my third and final drink and rush to the bathroom. I text my friends and tell them about this creepy man with his creepy smile and that I kissed him just to make him stop smiling and that I thought I was a lesbian I am still so confused as to why people date men. That was such a weird date.

After I made it hime, drunk, safe and grossed out. I told every woman I knew about the date to see if it was normal and what I should do. Most people said that I was the weird one and that I should go on another date with him… so I did but first, I told him that I felt uncomfortable being physically affectionate with people I didn’t know. That was the lie I told myself to go on another date with him. He apologized for his creepiness and then we went on date number two. On date number two, he KEPT trying to hold my hand. He kept trying to touch me even after I told him how I felt and then was mad at me for the last 30 minutes of the date because I told him that I didn’t like that.

And that concludes my dating men.

After that, I read the lesbian masterdoc a few times, shared it with friends, freaked out in excitement and a bit of panic and spent the entire 2020 coming to terms with being a lesbian(then had a mini panic about gender that was quickly sorted out by using she/they pronouns). I feel totally fine not dating men. Especially when I hear about the dumb shit men do. I am so grateful.

If anyone wants to date my gay ass, please do.

If you are wondering if you are gay in some way, please read the doc to figure it out. If you find that you are straight, let me know too because I have been trying to get a straight person to read the doc and see how they feel after reading it.

I think of love as such a tentative thing.

I think of love as such a tentative thing.

I think that if I get close

If I try and touch it, 

If I hold it in my hand, it will break




The moments when I feel like I could love

I could be loved

I hesitate

I feel the crumble. 

I feel the burn.

I feel the break.

So much so

I refuse to touch it

I can’t get near it

I am so scared that it will crumble and break

Loving is scary

And so far

It is so much easier to love one-sided

The side of safety, unsure but nothing is broken

Nothing has crumbled

Nothing has cracked.

On this side, it hurts to think no one will give me love

And no one will love me

I know that on this side, I only give myself great pain

But I also feel so very safe knowing that love will not break

I still don’t know if its the right choice

Writing update!

32 Orchard Street is slowly losing its place in my heart. I feel excitement and joy for these characters in autumn when things are cold and orange and the feeling of wicked witches whispering in the dark keeping me thrilled and motivated but now I kind of want to write something else.

I won’t leave you hanging. I will tell you what happens to Leo but their story will come slower. As a writer, I’m realizing the difficulties forcing a story along. It’s painful and in authentic. I want to find something that flows, that brings me joy. Something hew is coming and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

Thank you for reading!

What happened to Leo? | 32 Orchard Street

“Alright, kids. It’s time for me to make us all some celebratory burgers! Prepare yourselves for JOY!” Calle half yelled and half slurred  to their crew making their way back into Diane’s house. Today they celebrated the fact that everyone has now moved into 32 Orchard Street. Violet was the last to move. Her mother refused to let her leave but after some persuading and a little bit of magic. The 20 year old is now living in a home with 4 other adults and a minor.

“I already ordered us all some sushi. No cooking for you. You drank an entire bottle of wine before drinking MY whiskey. Go and drink some water.” Diane said, now carrying Calle to the couch. She seemed to have lost her ability to walk the moment they got into the house. 

Diane dumped her there and Diane, Luna and Shay made their way to the kitchen to get ready for the sushi.

Luna was not happy to be doing this task with the only two people who refused to speak to each other. So she said as much and left the two of them in the kitchen. Snagging a cookie on her way out.

“If you ask me, your excessive drinking means that you are hiding something,” Violet muttered, sprawling herself out on the living room floor.

Calle stretched out on the couch, “well no one asked you, Vi Vi.” 

Luna finished chewing her cookie and threw her body on top of Calle as she laid on the couch.

For a few moments, in a house full of busy people there was silent… until they heard a scream.

Shay grabbed the heaviest pot and the rest of the women followed behind her to find the source of the scream.

Shay and Calle lead the group while Diane and Luna stayed in the back. Violet was surprised just how organized they’d gotten. The only sound in the hall was their footsteps and the women in the rear opening the doors to find what laid within. They’ve yet been able to find the source but then they found a hallway.

From what they all knew, there was no connecting hallway but here one was. A brand new hallway that was riddled with dust and cobwebs. Leo stood in front of the door at the end of the hall.

“Leo! Come here!”

Leo looked back at them, a confused look played across their face. The door behind Leo opened and the group of women ran to them. Arms reached out—too many arms. Shot out and pulled Leo in.

32 Orchard Street’s New Years Resolutions

Diane Maya Johnson, 25: “My plans for the new year are to actually start jogging at least twice a week. I haven’t been working out but I do want to be fit. I would also like to make sure that I can protect my friends by perfecting this damned protection spell. Grandma gave me this recipe but it doesn’t seem to be working. Following recipes are one thing but making sure you have the right energy when making it is another. I have no idea how not to panic every time I turn on the burner. Last but not least, I want to finish my book and self-publish. I already have a pretty good following so I know it will do well once I get the pages back from my beta readers and critique partners.”

Luna Lee Lewis, 21: “I don’t really do resolutions but I guess I hope I can get these cute ass platform shoes. They go really well with the new skirt I got. Oh! I would also like to go on a getaway trip with Calle. I’m planning on for her birthday.”

Violet Lewanda Thomas, 20: “If resolutions were magical wishes I would change this entire planet I would end capitalism, racism, homophobia– basically everything wrong on this stupid flying rock but I guess I can settle on finding a good therapist.”

Ashaina ‘Shay’ Louise Williams , 25: “I want to see my art at The Shed. That is my goal. I would also love being financially stable doing art…”

Leo Juniper Williams, 17: “I’m just trying to graduate and get into my dream school. It would be nice if I am also in my very first relationship but only time will tell.”

Calle Asami Garcia-Chiba, 22: “I just want to end who or whatever is threatening the lives of my friends. A lead would be lovely.”

Christmas Tree Lighting| 32 Orchard Street



“Where has all the eggnog gone?” asked Peter.

“We do not drink eggnog in this household so what the hell were you drinking?” Justin laughed and kissed his boyfriend on the forehead.

“It was here, in this jar. It was so good…” Peter slurred, giving his boyfriend sad puppy dog eyes.

“Baby, that was coquito and I don’t think you should have anymore. we haven’t even lit the tree yet.” Peter sighed and leaned heavily on Justin– Justin giggled and pulled him close.

“Diane, when are we lighting the tree? I have to put Peter to bed.”

Diane yelled across the noisy room, “We have to wait for Harriet to get here with an extension cord!” Justin sighed in response and shifted his weight to plop his boyfriend into the chair closest to them. They headed to the kitchen to get him some water. Leo walked into the living room carrying a plate of food.

Leo and Calle spent hours making mushroom gyoza, fresh dips and homemade chips for the party only for Peter to arrive with six boxes of pizza. Everyone was supposed to say what they were bringing ahead of time. Leo was beyond annoyed that things already weren’t going the way she hoped.

Calle floated a tray of empty cups into the kitchen and just missed Leo’s head. She yelled out her apologies and Leo felt it was time for them to head somewhere quiet until the tree was lit. Too many drunk people when you are sober is never fun… so Leo decided to raid Calle’s stash of edibles.

The living room was filled with music and laughter and Shay had to strain her ears to hear the doorbell. The festivities of the night could not begin if Diane’s stupid new date didn’t arrive with an extra extension cord. The date who cornered Shay a few days ago at her studio and threatened her relationship with Diane.

Shay and Diane had been ignoring each other for a long while but she felt like it was time to suck it up and tell her that her date is insane. Shay wouldn’t be surprised if Harriet snuck into their home and stole all of their extension cords just so that she could look like the savior.

A small part of her brain knew that if she was so mad at Diane, she shouldn’t have been brewing on this for this long. She was five cups into coquito and sitting on the lap of an adorable golden retriever she met a few weeks ago at a gallery. She should really just focus on the limbo looking up at her with big eyes and a giant hand on her ass.

But then she heard the bell ring and she almost fell off his lap. He laughed and helped her up then promised to hold her closer. She smiled and hoped it looked genuine. At the same time, she heard the voice of the devil — all high pitched with false cheer… what a surprise she brought two extension cords and a bottle wine. She looked over to see Diane kiss her on her lips and her body went cold. She gave her golden retriever a kiss and told him she needed to use the bathroom when in reality she was going to grab another cup of coquito and cry in the greenhouse.

Diane saw Shay leave the room and from the look on her face, she knew something was wrong. She was about to make sure she was okay but Harriet turned her face and kissed her hard before pulling her into the kitchen. “This bottle of wine needs to be chilled– the dude at the grocery store said that it tastes better cold. In the meantime I should love to try what everyone’s drinking.” she flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder and grinned. Something in the smile was slightly off putting but Diane couldn’t place it.There was something so small in her gut that knew something was wrong but she couldn’t figure out what… she also couldn’t shake this girl. She just kept appearing everywhere she went– at the bookstore, the cafe, the grocery store… she was just there. She heard about this little gathering and kind of invited herself.

When Diane and Calle realized they didn’t have another extension cord, Diane just asked her but Harriet decided to show up two hours after the event began with the most important item of the night. Nothing about Harriet was good but she was at least a distraction from her fight with Shay. Unfortunately for her, she tried finding a play thing during the holidays and now she has a woman hanging by her side at the family Christmas Tree Lighting Party. She gave Harriet a cup of coquito in exchange for the extension cord then dropped her off next to Shay’s himbo who easily swept her into conversation and Diane was able to get away.

Calle and Luna were swallowing each other in the hallway, Peter and Justin shared a chair and were Violet had her tarot cards out and was giving them a reading. She had already taken off her makeup and party clothes and was in her pink onesie. Which leaves Leo and Shay missing.

Diane ran upstairs and checked Leo’s room first. Leo was laying on their floor, listening to the song their crush made for them. Leo rushed him from school, with a huge grin because Highlight wrote them a song. It was the cutest thing Diane had seen. Next to them was an open tin of Calle’s cookies. Little did Leo know, they weren’t edibles but Calle’s special love spell cookies. She wondered why Calle was acting so sketchy– she wasn’t allowed to make these unless there was a dire need and even so, she needed to speak to Diane first.

Calle made these to make sure she and Shay started talking again… she probably decided not to give them out because it was a bad idea… poor Leo is now left swooning on the floor… maybe they should invite Highlight over, Diane thought

“Leo, Highlight lives two blocks away, invite them over and give them this cookie when they come, okay?” Diane picked them up from the floor. For a quick second she wondered if it was okay to give a seventeen year old a love spell cookie but they wear off after a few weeks so she figured it would be okay. After Leo made the call and Highlight promised they were on their way, she guided Leo to the stairs and placed a cookie in their hand.

Diane picked up the tin of cookies and went to find Shay.

Shay had just finished her cup of coquito when Diane came into the greenhouse. She was about to get up and leave but she handed her a a cookie and sat down next to her. She grabbed one for herself and the two of them ate the cookie and looked at the stars.

She finished her cookie and she felt… pleasantly… numb. She looked over at Diane, who glowed in the moonlight– the most beautiful star in all the universe, she thought.

Shay tentatively grabbed her face, making Diane look at her– she wondered distantly if Diane would pull away before she slowly pulled her in and kissed her softly on her lips. “I’m sorry for yelling before. I was just scared.” Diane just nodded and leaned in, pulling her in for another kiss. Shay was surprised Diane wanted her too. It was different from how it felt with that shapeshifter. She felt the years of friendship melt into something more, at least she was hoping. Diane held her and slowly pulled her onto her lap. Diane’s lips were just as soft as she imagined it would be.

Diane grabbed her hips and the kiss went deeper. She was pleasantly surprised when Diane lifted her up and placed her back gently on the bench. Breathless and yearning, Shay pulled her in to kiss her neck and down to her breast. She needed their clothes off, she needed to be closer to her… but then they were interrupted.

Calle strode in and laughed, shocking them both, “I made those cookies way too strong Leo and Highlight can’t stop touching each other. Come on! Let’s light the tree and get this out of your system.”

Shay looked at Diane, hoping for confirmation to continue but instead she looked terrified. She hopped up and apologized over and over again.

Shay was hoping to have made some progress in being with her but she guessed the feeling wasn’t mutual. Shay just nodded and told her it was okay and that she needed a moment. After a few false smiles, Calle and Diane were headed to the living room and Shay stayed there trying to catch her breath before she got up to go and light the fucking tree.

Luna gave her sweet Calle a kiss on the forehead when she arrived with Diane. Diane looked like she just saved the world by strangling a kitten with her barehands. After Calle explained what happened, she figured she had an accurate description. Everyone but Shay and Diane knew they were in love with each other anti seemed like it was just about to happen… but then Calle ruined the moment. Calle told her that she was going to hurry up the tree lighting so that they could go upstairs and fuck but she didn’t expect her to go and ruin their little love spell moment. It seemed like everyone was ready to jump each other’s bones, love cookies or not. The golden retriever and the stalker left a while ago after almost have sex on the floor. Instead they went to hook up in the crazy girl’s car.

Leo, Highlight, Peter, Justin and Violet sat around the tree. we were all waiting for Shay to come inside. Luna had to admit how annoying it was that they all waited the entire night just waiting for someone to plug in a string of lights.

Shay finally walked in, eyes puffy and looking utterly destroyed. Luna came over to hold her a guide her to the couch. Next to Calle, Shay was her favorite in the group. She held her close and put her head on her shoulder. “Leo, please do the honors!” Shouted Violet from her place on the floor. They all faced the tree, Highlight put on their favorite holiday playlist. they were lighting the tree to the horrible Christmas song that was circulating around TikTok. They all sang loud and off key as Leo plugged in the lights and the room was illuminated by string lights and the smiles of her family.

“get very very drunk”| 32 orchard street

Later that day, they all arrive at Luna’s race. Shay and Diane are of course not speaking to each other so Calle, Leo, and Violet tried to entertain each other while drinking wine and watching people run. 

“Calle! Did you bring those cookies you were baking?” asked Leo

Calle took a moment and then replied “Oh! No! I forgot! At least we could have them at home!” She knew her response was too enthusiastic but she hoped the excessive wine drinking would mask it.

Leo walked over to Calle and whispered in her ear, “so, you made those love spell cookies?”

Calle froze for a second and wondered if she should lie and make something up but instead, she decided to just tell the truth. “Yes, I made them BUT I now realize it was a bad idea and now I have no idea what to do with them. Do you have anyone you want to cast a spell on?” The only issue, of course, is that Leo always knew when Calle was up to something. It’s like Leo just knows when secrets need to be told. It’s their gift. Since Leo found out that she was a witch, Calle would tell them all of her favorite spells, and Leo would sit with her and study them all. Calle knew that Leo could be an amazing witch if they really wanted to.

“The only people who need a spell cast on them are Diane and Shay but I don’t think things will end well when they find out. We will just keep it between us and I can hand them out at school later. There is an incredibly gay bully that has a crush on the nerdy boy. It’s too much of a cliche. I’ll sort out the rest later.”

“Sounds perfect. Thank you. Diane almost caught me earlier!” She snorted, chugging the last of her wine and switching to whiskey.

“You are going to get very very drunk.”

“Yes, that is the entire point of watching people do sports. Isn’t it? Want a sip?”

“No. No thank you.” Leo looked at the running people. Waiting to see Luna run by, sipping their bottle of water. 

When Leo spotted her, they told everyone in the group and they all hooted and hollered. Supporting their friend. She ran by wearing a trans pride flag tied onto her like a cape. 

Luna ran by just for a drink of water, then pulled Calle in for a kiss before she continued on with the race.

After she’d left, they all lounged around, cheering on the other runners while mostly just getting drunk. Leo pulled out their laptop and started studying their neurology notes. They wanted to get their work done before the Christmas party tomorrow.

Tumblr Entry of Diane| 32 Orchard Street

Amyclaradonnaandbill posted:

I’ve always been into girls but I never really knew it. I mean since I was little, I envisioned husbands and imaginary boyfriends. I had crushes only on men and have worked so very hard to try and date men. When I grew an interest in women in middle school, I thought it was normal. I mean, of course, I am checking her out because I want her body shape and then when I asked my middle school boyfriend if it would be cheating if I had a girlfriend… I somehow thought nothing of it. I didn’t think anything of it when I had sex with a girl in high school. She even asked if we could begin dating but I  told her that I had no interest in women at all. Then college came around and I really really knew that I did like women. More time went on and I realized that my only interest in men was compulsive heterosexuality. I felt no real connection to men. I couldn’t fully see that as a lifelong partner. I tried, I dated but I never felt the pull towards them the way I do for women. The excitement, the giggles, the full on admiration. With mne, it was just attraction and nothing more.

 I mean… the dick has never been THAT good. No matter how much they boasted about it. But that one night with that girl. That one drunken night stays in my memory and boy did I want to try that again… so I did. And I did it again… and again.. And again. Then I tried men again and it was never as good as it was with women. I tried men a few more times after that but it just never ever felt the same. The confidence of men. They believed they were the best and they never were any good. I took no criticism. I always thought I chose the wrong man but it was just… Men… they weren’t it for me.

love spells in cookies?| 32 orchard street

Leo sat at the kitchen table playing Sims. They were excited it was a long weekend because they could finally use the mods they created last week. They made fake magical abilities to mimic the new life they were living. It wasn’t their best work but it will do for now. Hopefully, sims will come out with a new expansion pack as good as sims 3 supernatural, until then, this will do. Calle was sitting on the wooden floor with them repotting the plants she found in the green room. Leo knew it would be easier for Calle to re-pot them in the green room but they knew the only reason she came in here was to keep Leo company.

The past week had been rough for them all. After learning that their friends were witches and then them getting stuck in a virus? Which Leo still was confused about — Violet just said they’d been hacked.

Since then, things haven been weird and it wasn’t because they’d learned that witches were real and not because everyone was still getting used to living together but because Shay and Diane hadn’t spoken a word to each other since.

 Diane was angry with Shay because, “Shay’s outburst was inconsiderate and painful to hear,” and instead of Shay hearing her out and apologizing to her best friend, she decided to be stubborn and bring back up the fact that Diane has kept her witchy side from them for years. Diane and Shay have refused to find some common ground or common sense and will not speak to each other. 

Thanksgiving was beyond awkward but at least they had dinner with their family, Calle, Violet, Luna, and their friends, Peter and Justin. Calle made a delicious amount of food and even though Shay and Diane avoided each other like the plague, spending time with everyone else was, playing games and seeing her family make fools out themselves had to be the highlight of the year.

“Leo! Did you throw out my pink crocs?” bellowed shay from upstairs.

“Why the hell would I throw out your shoes?” Leo shouted in return.

“Leo! Can you tell your annoying ass sister to stop yelling? People live here other than her!”

“Can you both shut up!” Calle huffed, “Why can’t those two either get along or just shut up.”

“Calle, relax. Don’t let their stupidity get you upset. They’ll get over it eventually.”

“Yes but will it be before or after I lose my mind.”

“Probably after,” Leo responded with a laugh.

Calle got very quiet, Leo looked over and the “it’s time to cause trouble” face. Her eyebrows were raised and a slow smile was growing on her face.

“Whatever it is you’re thinking about doing, stop yourself please,” Leo remarked.

Calle then perked up and dropped her gardening gloves on the floor and ran off.

“Where are you going!?” Leo called after Calle’s back and the only response was her retreating feet.

Leo decided to wait for whatever horrible thing Calle had brewing and watch it explode later and for now, they would just focus on their game. Their characters had glitched twice and almost killed themselves in the process.

Calle has always been in love with love — she has always been such a huge romantic. She cries at every movie and reads nothing but romantic novels so it is no surprise that she has perfected her love spell cookies.

She can make one make people fall in love or one to make new friendships and even ones to completely destroy a relationship but she made a promise to herself to never use As a matter of fact, she will do anything she can to make sure she doesn’t need to use her expert skills to make yet another batch but this fight between Shay and Diane has gone on long enough and it is about time she does something to fix it.

The one issue with the love spell cookies is that there always needs to be an even number of cookies. Each cookie has a connection to another cookie. Sometimes one will connect to two if needed but it can be a bit difficult when it comes to the love cookies. If you eat one cookie, you must find the right person to eat the cookie connected to that one. If the desired targets eat a cookie connected to anyone else then the whole thing gets out of whack. Fortunately, it does expire after a few weeks. It is not forever but they will have an intense friendship and romance for that week. So intense that they will want to keep it going. Sometimes it lasts, sometimes it doesn’t but it is nice and totally untraceable. It will never connect back to her.

She ran out of the kitchen to go and gather some ingredients. The issue between the friendship recipe and the love recipe is intention. Hopefully, Calle’s desire to get Diane and Shay together will not interrupt the recipe.

Calle grabbed the large rose quartz, some lavender, a white candle, and came plant-based butter. She ran up to her room, started up her hot plate. She lit the candle and placed the Rose Quartz between the candle and the hot plate. She paced the heating dish on the hot plate and melted the butter, shredded up the lavender, found her pre-spelled honey, and took a spoonful out and mixed it in. When it was all melted, she turned off the hot plate and sat cross-legged in front of the concoction and put herself in a meditative state, using her intention to bring two people together, for two people to be harmonious and find love for each other. Once she felt like everything had taken hold, she gathered the buttery mixture and headed downstairs to begin making the batter for the cookies.

In an hour, they will be glazed and ready for consumption.

“Hey! Why do you look like you’re up to something?” Diane said slightly out of breath. She just came in from her run. If it wasn’t for her being out of breath, no one would guess she went out to run 10K. She is never sweaty. She just glistens. She stood framed in the doorway looking at Calle far too suspiciously.

“I’m just baking cookies.”

“For Luna’s run today or for Christmas tree decorating tonight?”

“Uh. Yes. Of course. Of course I am baking for my girlfriend’s race and obviously for Christmas too!” She had completely forgotten about Luna doing her first 5k today. She honestly thought it was tomorrow. Which is ridiculous because everyone in the house had been talking about it for months now.

“You don’t sound very sure,” She said sitting at the table in the kitchen.

“Of course I am. I love Luna — most amazing girlfriend ever and we have been talking about this for months. How could I forget?  It is on my calendar. Why would you even ask that?” Calle’s voice got higher and more frantic the more she talked. Which made it so obvious that she was lying. She kept her back to Diane hoping that her face would give nothing away. Obviously, lying is not her specialty.

“I know you are lying and I don’t know why but my butt is hella sweaty so I’m going to shower and deal with your weirdness later.” She stood up and ran upstairs to the shower.

Calle took in a deep and calming breath and continued making her cookies, truly feeling like a sneaky storybook witch.